Audio Check & Repair Tools

Is it worthwhile to have a few applications to check the integrity of audio files and repair them if errors are found, can these things be trusted?

Are any of the ones I list below good, or what's the best apps for this?

MP3 Validator
MP3 Repair Tool
MP3 Checker


By the way I just download my mp3s, I'm not doing any ripping and encoding.

I used MP3 Validator to see what it would do and it showed me quite a few files with errors on them. Here is what some of them said:

Stereo Rock & Roll.mp3" (offset 0x8a9): MPEG stream error, resynchronized successfully

18 Carat Love Affair.mp3" (offset 0x367e2b): It seems that file is truncated or there is garbage at the end of the file

Fast Cars.mp3": Wrong CRC in 1 frames

Pulling Punches .mp3": Wrong number of MPEG data bytes specified in Xing header (9022682 instead of 9022292)

Wrong number of MPEG data bytes specified in VBRI header (5997173 instead of 5997069)

When I See You.mp3" (offset 0): Garbage at the beginning of the file

While I'm Still Alive.mp3": Non-layer-III frame encountered. See related INFO message for details.

While I'm Still Alive.mp3": Different MPEG versions or layers in one file. See related INFO message for details.

I only know Mp3 Validator, but i didn't use it often. Maybe it's good in repairing header and something else, but it can't repair sync errors, of course.

I check my Mp3s with Mp3 utility. If there are sync errors I will delete them and wrong VBR headers I try to repair with foobar.