Audio converter with shell menu entries

I have been using NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus. It has fantastic option of adding in the tight click menu entries for converting files to audio formats - a real time saving feature. Unfortunately there are many issues with this software

So does anyone know some other audio-video converter that can be added to the shell menu - so that the conversion can be executed very conveniently with just 2 clicks [i.e. right mouse button for showing of the shell menu followed by left mouse button click for choosing of the right option]?

dBpoweramp has such a feature for audio files.

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Thank you

This dBpoweramp is both better and inferior in some ways to Switch. [I bet that with some registry shell men hacks I would be able to make it much better]

Does anyone else recommend some other software?

After all dBpoweramp seems to be very user friendly [although will less number of file formats than Switch]

But it has one small issue, very counterproductive for me: I would need to take entries from a shell sub-menu that dBpoweramp creates and put it in the man list available under the right click executed on files. So far I have failed in that as it seems to be impossible to achieve this through simple Registry hacks

Now I wonder if it is possible to create inthe Registry command Keys that work work alike LNK files for BAT scripts