Audio encoding - no tag possible!


Some of my audio files (mp3) have no encoding.
I would like to restore them. The pb is: no information in the MPEG1 layer III layer of the file properties, and no modification date either... Impossible to keep any changes...

Thanks for helping!

Just to get the jargon right: by "no encoding" you mean that no mp3 tag has been filled? Because actually "mp3" is the encoding ...

What kind of information do you have to get a hint of what track that might be? Does the filename give a hint? then use the function "filename - tag".
If you have no data clue whatsoever - hard luck.

Hello, thanks for answering.

Sorry for the "jargon". To be clear: although I can read the incriminated files through Windows Media Player, I don't see them appear in Windows Media Center or any other player. There is no encoding information in Mp3tag for these files although the other ones in the same folder have "MPEG1 layerIII". Only the file name is correct ending with .mp3.

I opened the folder with Switch Sound File Converter and it shows that: instead of .mp3 it gives a false information due to an accidental permutation between file name and format, size 0 and "File doesn't exist". What I wish is to send the files back to their correct values and durations. The "filename - tag" converting in MP3tag is impossible anyway due to lack of information! I unsuccessly tried to rename it with correct mp3 format...

Soryy: if WMP shows the files then they will show up in Windows Media Center as the latter is only another front-end for Media Player.
I suspect, that your files are really completely busted. Or no MP3s at all.
Check the streams with a freeware stream-checker like mp3val (search the WWW).
If this program finds no faults then you can add tags again.
But I fear that your files are corrupted.
Actually: length is a calculated value that you must not enter.
And another thing: just changing the ending of a file does not alter the type. You do not get the picture out of a poem if you rename a text file to jpg. :wink:

Yes Files are corrupted. I just thought I could remedy it. Thanks anyway.