Audio SPLITS with Mp3tag?

Hello all,

I'm just wondering if Mp3tag can do the audio splitting by using the tag information?
Probably not !?

Any of you could know any program that does it perfectly?
I'm looking for something which would split a single album into its tracks
according to the silences in between or using the Discogs info?

Yes, I've tried the known audio/wave progs that have the split function,
but they all seem to have issue when it comes to those with old vinyl crackling sound ...
so yes, the program has to be the old vinyl friendly & has auto split function :slight_smile:

I'd really appreciate any help/suggestion.

No. MP3tag only deals with the tag data and leaves the payload part as it is.

The nero wave editor can split audo files. But you have to do the tagging afterwards for the individual parts.

Thank you.

Can it do the auto split?
It wont be convenient if I have to the do the marker drops manually ... too many files, I'm afraid :slight_smile:

It deals with 1 long file at a time.

I'll give it a shot and will let you know

This is typically a manual process for all programs I have used. Some software can try to guess, but based on background noise, crackles, and pops they tend to either miss splits, or add some where they shouldn’t be.

I prefer Audacity for this. There are many filters available to help tame some of the noises as well. But definitely manual.

This could theoretically work, if the track length from an online source would be perfectly match your own file.

I estimate the risk that you cut off the end of a song and the beginning of the next song therefore starts with the end of the previous song as pretty high.
There are just too much release possibilities for the same album (Vinyl, CD, Original, Remastered, Reissue, Country specific releases) - even with just slightly changed track lengths.

Yes that seems to be the case with Audacity, Wavelab, WavePad, AVS, etc.
It all works out fine in auto if its a CD rip.

This could be the perfect fix for the vinyl splits, I suppose ... just separate the tracks according to the Mp3tag/Discogs time codes ... and all a user have to do is the trim the album edges before the spits :slight_smile:

Of course CDs already have the digital track indicators present that are used for this. Vinyl rips are just one long analog audio signal recorded to digital that need to be trimmed and split as desired.

Another approach could be to search for a matching Cuesheet.
This simple text file contains the length of every track. With such a Cuesheet and the help of software like mp3DirectCut you could try to cut your files into pieces/tracks.

That's interesting ... but where would I get the .cue files of the individual albums?

but where is the AI in this ... let the AI do the vinyl splits ... that'd be brilliant :slight_smile:

I tried this several times with downloaded Cue-sheets for some albums but I had to manually correct every cut-point
BTW Mp3Directcut has an automatic search for split points. (Special -> Pause detection).
To my experience the best way with Mp3s is to let Mp3Directcut search for pauses, look over the results and correct them manually.

You do know that AIs have to be trained so that an AI learns what a good split and a bad one would be?
You could go ahead and let it work on your

and then allow others access to it.
Or it may be easier to do it manually as the old fathers did.

There are several websites with cuesheets to download, i.e.
But as I wrote: Don't expect too much in practice. I had to manually correct the cut-points most of the time.

it shouldnt be so difficult ... all an AI has to do is to get the time code info and apply it at the approximate lowest threshold point in the area, no?

cheers m8
I'll try them out and will let you know :slight_smile:

I would not call that AI. That's "simple " programming.

Maybe also this is ome help for you.