Audio track sequence

I have transfered some multiple disc ebooks to my San Disk Sansa player but the tracks do not sequence properly. It was suggested that I try MP3tag, which I have downloaded (v 2.51). I have searched through the FAQ's but cannot find directions for fixing my problem. I am new to this tagging process and would appreciate your help. I am using a PC with Windows XP Home and Media Player.

Load all the files into MP3tag.
Make sure that they are in the correct order (e.g. show a column with the path and filename in the files list and sort by that column)

Select all the files, once they are in the right order.
Use the "track number assistant" to create new track numbers, number all tracks seqentially even if they have been on different discs.
Go to the tag panel.
There enter a name for the artist, the album, albumartist.
Press save.
User the converter tag - filename with the mask
%album% - $num(%track%,3) - %title%
to create new filenames.

You probably need to add TRACK number fields to the files: 1, 2, 3, etc. Mp3tag has an auto-numbering wizard (under Tools, or Ctrl-K) that may help if the tracks are in the correct order within the file view.

How are the files named? If they have the track number in the file name, then it's easy to transfer it to the TRACK field. If they sort correctly in Windows Explorer or can be sorted within Mp3tag (for instance, by having episode numbers in the TITLE), then you can use the auto-numbering wizard. If neither, then you may have to number them all by hand.

I have the same issue with my MP3 player (Philips SoundDot) playing files in totally illogical order. I read that rewriting the mp3 tags ID3 v2.4 to ID3 v2.3 might resolve the problem, so, I downloaded MP3tag, loaded my files in it, hit Autonumbering Wizard, ticked Mpeg tags to read ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 and to remove APE. Finally, I saved it. It didn't help.


Or maybe rewriting tags doesn't help in this case?

My guess is that the SoundDot, like the iPod Shuffle, is only capable of random playback. It only has one button.

In your screendump the files also show the Lyrics tag version but I bet that you do not have any lyrics in them.
Perhaps it is necessary to first cut the tags and then immediately paste them back again with the functions of the context menu in the files list.

If you have a look at the data sheet of that player it says "n/a" for MP3 tags.
So I guess it has nothing to do with the tags but only with the filename.
Or even the file order on the device.
(Explorer copies that file first that you click on to do the dragging&dropping)

Actually, there are three buttons, and it is capable of sequential playback. From the user manual:

Switch the random play on or off

1. During music play, press >|| twice.
- You hear two beeps. The green indicator flashes twice at intervals.
- Songs play in random.
2. To switch off the random play, press >|| twice again.
- You hear one beep. The green indicator flashes once at intervals.
- Songs play in sequence.
Make sure you're flashing just once. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys very much for your comments. I asked for advice on the Philips forum but there has been silence for 5 days already

As ohrenkino said

so I did. I dragged the files one by one into the Sound Dot window in the sequence as I wish them to be played and the tracks are now playing in correct order :DDD Eureka! Maybe with a simple player as Sound Dot there is no other way?

You could shortcut this way if you select a bunch of files with the following method (which is good ole WIndows stuff and sometimes one has to resort to this rather than using the fancy catch rectangle):

Select the first track you want on the device.
Scroll down to the last file you want to copy.
Hold down Shift and click on the last file - all files between the first and the last should get selected.
Now scroll up again until you see the first file in that selection.
Press on the first file and do the dragging&dropping.

Alternatively you can press Ctrl-C in the source folder an Ctrl-V in the target folder.
THis should copy the files in that order as found in the Explorer list and relieve you from the need to copy the files one by one to get them in the correct order.

Thank you very much, ohrenkino! "Select tracks from first to last, than drag&drop" way works very well for Sound Dot.

I'm really grateful to you. I'd buy you a beer, but now I donated a little bit for the mp4tag :wink: Only a little bit, in Eastern Europe salaries are much lower than in Western countries :slight_smile: