Audiobook ID3 tag used for book\series order or position


I've been searching by had no luck.

Trying to get a suggestion on what field other audiobook listeners use for audio book order(position in series) e.g. 5th book in series, or 5.5 a short novella. Is there a standard field for this I might be missing?

I didn't really want to include it in the title field, album or create a custom field.
(I tried doing a custom Series-num but mp3tag doesnt let you click in that field and edit it , like the track field)
Thank you

I doubt that.
Where and how did you create the field with which name?

I right.clicked on the column header. selected New. gave it a name of series-part.

I can click right in the track field, year field, but not my series-part field. (Not sure how to include a screen shot) also created a 'titlesort' field also. same method i cant click in.

You also have to fill "Value" and "Field"

Yes, there is a value the for the field and value. select from the arrow dropdown box for each.
Maybe its something on my work station preventing it. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling

What have you entered for value and for field for the titlesort column?.

Cool. I deleted my appdata folder for mp3tag, reran it and opened a mp3. added my columns back and I can edit them now. Thanks!

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