AudioBook ID3 Tagging to Play Audio Folders Sequentially

I rip Library audiobook CDs to mp3 files. Save in Windows 7 as a tree of folders:
Book Title folder
Disc 1 folder

  tracks 01 to track xx

Disc 2 folder

  tracks o1 to track xx

etc. to last Disc folder of the book.

When I drag and drop the book to the Sansa Clip + mp3 Player, the Player arranges the files in the following order

Disc 1 track 01
Disc 2 track 01
last Disc track 01

next the Player gives
Disc 1 track 02
Disc 2 track 02
etc. ...making the playback useless

The solution is to Tag these files so that the book will be recognized correctly to play the files sequentially through the Discs in order. I have spent many hours trying to figure out how exactly to accomplish the correct Tagging and have failed totally. I am the firsr to admit I am a novice in Tagging.

There are more than 100 files in a typical book of 12 CDs. Would you please give a step by step procedure describing exactly how this process can be automated to make the Tagging practical, so I can listen to the audiobook.

I will be happy to donate to show my appreciation!

Phil, an AudioBook Lover

Maybe you have to do with this manifestation ...
Datensammlung anlegen

I have no practical experience with such devices, but I've tried to visualize the problem ...

Discs : 4

Tracks: 18

Device Playorder ? ? ?
Disc 1: 1.1 2.1 3.1 4.1 5.1
Disc 2: 1.2 2.2 3.2
Disc 3: 1.3 2.3 3.3 4.2 5.2 6.1
Disc 4: 1.4 2.4 3.4 4.3

Folder1: N01 N05 N09 N13 N16
Folder2: N02 N06 N10
Folder3: N03 N07 N11 N14 N17 N18
Folder4: N04 N08 N12 N15

All in one
Folder: T01 T02 T03 ... T16 T17 T18

You should check the playback order when the folders have different numbers of tracks.

It seems, that you have some options.

  1. Apply a proper running number to each track, which can work together with the playback order of the device.
  2. Put all tracks into one folder.
  3. Create and use a playlist.
  4. Study the idiosyncrasies of the player.

Maybe some other Mp3tag user has the best fitting solution for you ...

See also ...;oq=&gs_l=


Several options:

  • You may rename the ALBUM so that it carries the discnumber at the end. This should make the album unique.

  • Or use the track numbering wizard with an unchecked option to reset the counter for each folder.
    This would renumber all tracks in sequence from the first to the last track and avoid the ambiguity of having the same track number twice (or more) in the same album.

  • You enter the discnumber and use it as prefix for the tracknumber:
    disc 1 track 1 = 0101
    disc 1 track 2 = 0102
    disc 2 track 1 = 0201 etc.

All except the setting of the discnumber can be done with actions or other functions in MP3tag. And even finding the discnumber is possible, if the files are stored in separate folders with a number in the name.