Audiobook Tag Issue

I am trying to use a Sandisk Clip Zip to listen to an audiobook I ripped from cd. I finally figured out that I needed to add tags to get the disks and tracks to play in the proper order. The user's manual was NO help, This is my first experience with tags and I hope I don't need to come a master tagger to use my new toy, (too few brain cells/too little time anyway).

My problem is this: When listening to the audiobook, the screen only shows the contents of the title tag, no matter which track is playing. Looking at the list of tracks also only shows the title info over and over again. When I power off and return, the player doesn't return me to the track where I stopped, but, if I can find the correct track, it does allow me to resume in the right spot within that track.

Is there a way to format the tag for the title so it reflects the track number AND book title (album tag)?


The general procedure is described in the FAQs /t/967/1
The following works only if you have already filled the tags for track no and album.

Create an action of the type "Format tag field" for the field TITLE
Enter as Formatstring:
%album% $num(%track%,3)
Save the action.

Select all the files to be treated with the action, select the action and run it.

A thousand thanks. Worked exactly as I hoped. You saved me countless hours of studying and I am truly grateful.

Debbie :laughing: