I have many audiobooks that are on CD. All files are in MP3 format. I need to organize
the files so that they are in proper sequence on my MP3 player(Sansa clip).

Here's what I'm currently doing:

  1. copy all cd's over to a top level directory(Book name)
  2. so there would be some number of CD directories under book name(cd1, cd2, cd3, etc.)
  3. all the mp3 files are in the cd directories
  4. I drag the top level directory(book name) to the mp3 player "music" directory

So, all files are there on the mp3 player. However, the sequence is wrong. Typically, CD 2 is before
CD 1.

Bottomline, I want to ensure that all the files play in the correct order.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried to put everything in one directory and use the CD# within the file name?

I've had this problem with the clip as well. I believe it is considered a bug, but there isn't a fix available for it yet. The work around I use is to open the top level directory of the Audiobooks and renumber the tracks of all the files.

The clip does not use folder names or directory names, only tags. It seems to only sort on Artist, Album and Track. It apparently doesn't use the Title tag in the play order either (which is how all of my books are tagged).

Another option is to use a playlist.