Auto Adding a space no matter what letter is present


Hi everyone wondering if someone could shed some light on this one.

I have a file named:

Bob sinclar-world hold on.mp3

I would like to via the actions whenever I have a dash for there to be a space present no matter what letter is in front or behind the dash. So via the action I would like this file renamed to:

Bob sinclar - world hold on.mp3

But I can't figure out the formula to get it done...its as if I need something that means "every" letter then the dash replace etc. I think... :unsure:

PS I tried this:

That actually worked but removed the r and w, which looked like this:
Bob sincla - orld hold on.mp3

sooo close!!


Regular Expression:
Replace: \s*-\s*
with: " - "


Thanks Dano worked perfectly :slight_smile: