Auto copy


Is it possible to write script function, command or placeholder that can copy folder with images and css (from export directory in Mp3Tag for example) in a specifyed directory, so that I don't have to copy them manual every time when I export html file?

Please reply to me.
Thanks ~ milka

milka's 2007 wishlist for Mp3tag

Hi milka,

I'm sorry, but this is currently not planned. I'll add it on my internal wishlist though.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Ok, you dont have to bother with that.
It's my low priority request.


I am just wondering does anyone need (support) this feature?
To me it wuold be very useful.


Btw, bumping posts adds a minus vote on my internal wishlist :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew it. <_< lol


echo off

echo moving %_folderpath%
if not EXIST "c:\music\\%artist%\" md "c:\music\\%artist%\"
if EXIST "%_folderpath%" move "%_folderpath%*.*" "c:\music\\%artist%\" 
if EXIST "%_folderpath%" rd "%_folderpath%"

like this. its an export to a batch file.


Thanks cooterfrog for batch file, I will try it. :slight_smile:

But it would be great if Florian could make it as script function so that I can use it in my exports,
like function $filename creates filename of export file.

$filename(%_workingpath%copy files.bat)
echo off

echo coping c:\Documents and Settings\milka\Application Data\Mp3tag\export\Playground files\
if not EXIST "%_workingpath%Playground files" md "%_workingpath%Playground files\"
copy "c:\Documents and Settings\milka\Application Data\Mp3tag\export\Playground files\*.*" "%_workingpath%Playground files\" 

This is what I wonted, thanks again for help. It would be great to see this as script function, as I sad earlier.


I have made new export in Music Playground export ( that creates batch file for extracting images from cab in %appdata%\Mp3tag\export\ to workingdir.

Here is the code:

$filename(%_workingpath%%_workingdir% ---- Music Playground ----.bat,ansi)ECHO OFF

:Creates "_Music_Playground_Files_" directory
IF not EXIST "%_workingpath%_Music_Playground_Files_\" md "%_workingpath%_Music_Playground_Files_\"

:Unpack files from "milkaPlayground 04 Music Playground" to "_Music_Playground_Files_" directory
EXPAND "'%'appdata'%'\Mp3tag\export\milkaPlayground 04 Music Playground" -f:* "_Music_Playground_Files_"

:Deletes created batch file
DEL "%_workingpath%%_workingdir% ---- Music Playground ----.bat