Auto delete ID3v1 tags?


I'd like to request the option to automatically delete ID3v1 tags (if one is present) and write just ID3v2 tags when editing mp3 tags.

Right now I have Mp3tag set to read v1 and v2, write v2, and remove v1. That leaves me having to select the files I'm editing, remove the tags with the little red x, then save the tags to get the v2 only.

Is this making sense? Is it even a good idea? I'll try think of better ways to describe what I'm talking about if no one knows what I'm trying to say.



sorry, but this feature is not planned. To speed up your tagging process, you can remove the tags and press Ctrl+Z (Undo) afterwards. This will write the old tags, using your specified tag writing settings.

Best regards,
~ Florian


I was just coming to the forums to ask tihs very question.

Florian - What would it take to have this added to the list of upcoming features ?


Thanks for the response Florian. I never thought to use the Undo hotkey like you said to do. This will help speed things up a bit :slight_smile:


That's too bad - I don't want ID3v1 tags in my mp3s. Fortunately for me though I've written an MP3 utility that removes ID3V1 tags from all mp3s within a specified directory tree. (It also automatically creates M3U playlist files for each folder containing MP3s.) Anyone interested, please email me.