Auto fill artist section when looking up tags via source

first post, so apologies if this is an easy question.

Just wondered if there is a quick and easy way to auto fill in the Artist field when looking up an album through a web source i.e

Currently once I have looked up an album I have to cut the artist information from the title and then past this into the artist section and save it.

Bit of a pain.

Any thoughts?


There's many scripts that can do this on a per album basis and track basis. Check out the websource section of the forum. /c/web-sources-scripts

Here you will find amazon, discogs, iTunes, beatport and many more.

Instructions are there to help you install and use them.

If you only want the artist field. At the very end of the script add for example

set "title"
set "coverurl"
set "album"

And the list goes on depending on what the scripts output.