Auto-Fill Bug (Minor bug)

I just installed v2.48 and noticed that autofill doesn't work anymore.
I.e. in Genre I start typing "Ele" and normally it autofills to "Electronic" but in 2.48 it doesn't.

Maybe this was intended (although I doubt it) but it's definatly something I want back.
Typing the genre completely or going through the list is too much work compared to getting the autofill function :slight_smile:
(Yes I'm lazy lol, but when it comes down to editing dozens of mp3 tags manually the autofill saves a lot of time :wink: )

I'm temporarely switching back to 2.47b until the bug is fixed.

EDIT: What the...???
2.47b doesn't autofill either anymore?
Something wrong here...

Have you checked the Options > General "Autofill ..."?

OMG... now I feel stupid lol.
Funny though as I've never unchecked the box.

Now I can update to 2.48 again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! :wink:

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