auto-fill Lyric from files on other files.

got problem here.Is there any way to auto-fill lyrics from other files?

Due to an accident, Podcasts on PC were restored but without Lyrics, But all podcast on iPod with Lyrics I know. So that I wanna export the exclusive Lyric(UNSYNCEDLYRICS) from iPod and auto-fill to the original files on PC, Same %Title% ID3 and different extension(MP3 on PC, M4B on iPod, both are writable on Mp3Tag)

Is anybody can leave a export config for me? THX very much.

You can copy tags from one set of files to another by using [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V].

I tried to do this and all exist fields were replaced from source, even I blanked it before.

Is there any way to SKIP existing fields? Only fill-in throughout different.

Sorry for my bad english