Auto filling in track number from scratch.

Am a bit new to MP3tag and this forum and to some degree the whole subject of tags as such.

My question is, is it possible to auto fill in the track number for a group of files within a folder, once the order of those files has been sorted in the list window of MP3tag? I would like to fill in new numbers in a blank field and/or overwrite any existing numbers.

I have seen a number of posts here about renaming tag entries and even adding leading zeros to track numbers, but have not yet found a way to number the tracks from scratch. I understand I will possibly need an action or script to do this, but I cannot really see how on present reading of the help files.

I would certainly appreciate some help with this.

use this button:

Many thanks pone,,, I am totally floored by your answer, just goes to prove, again, that even in high technology there CAN be a very simple answer to what seems to be complex question!

Now, all I can say is someone has had their thinking cap on when that feature was implemented. In some software I work with it doesn't necessarily happen like this. 10 points to all concerned.

How can I arrange the tracks in the correct order so that auto-numbering will give them the right numbers? I tried dragging lines up and down in the window, but couldn't change the order. I don't understand how the auto-numbering feature is to be used unless the tracks can be arranged in any order.

You have to sort the list by the column of your choice (i.e. title, artist etc) and then you can use auto-numbering. It is not possible to arrange list manually in Mp3tag (or at least I haven't found this feature for 3 years), but still I wouldn't call it useless - I use it a lot :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible. :slight_smile:

  1. Select file(s) to be moved.
  2. Press and hold ALT on keyboard.
  3. Drag and drop selected file(s) to new location.