Auto import Covers into mp4 files from 2 folders


I'm new to the forum and did my due diligence in trying to find a topic that would address my case, to no avail.

I got, say, 100 *.mp4 files in a folder.
I also got 100 *.jpg covers either in the same folder or in a separate folder (doesn't matter).

Why doesn't it matter ?

Because I named my covers the same way as my mp4 files :




I am looking for a way to automate the import of the *jpg covers into their corresponding *.mp4 names, or based on file names, to say it otherwise.

Would there be anyway to do that ?

You'd save me so much time!!

Thanks a million!


There is an action to import covers, see the help:
As the help states: you can define a cover file name using text constants and property variables.
So, you could use as
Format string: E:\mymusic\covers\%_filename%.jpg
for a dedicated folder or
Format string: %_filename%.jpg
if the cover file is in the same folder (you could have both with 2 actions in an action group).
I don't know, though, how you want to tell anybody to look for the files in 2 separate folders without getting an awful lot of messages of the kind "File not found". So it would be better to have all the cover files in the same folder.