Auto Increment MP3 Files within folder

I was looking for a method of auto incrementing the Track Index on empty fields in a folder of 25 MP3 files. Obviously I tried to use MP3 Tag to carry out this task. It doesn;t do it.

I have used a utility for about 10 years which is now unfortunately not developed anymore but is still available form source forge. Wonderful little tool that does a few interesting things...and not heavy on graphics or fottprint. Anyway it does what we incremet track indexes.

Its description..."A program to facilitate handling audiobooks in MP3 format."

MP3 Book Helper

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what about the track numbering wizard?
What about an action of the type "Format value" with %_counter%?

Oooops...missed that...excellent !!!

Now how can I add the total number of tracks like 1/25 ??