Auto Insert Album Art

Thanks to mp3tag for making it so easy for organizing the mp3 files.
My next step as i clean up my Mp3 files is to assign Album arts to 32 Gigs of Music I have. To do this manually for each album is a uphill task :frowning:
Do we have any solution for this. ? I dont expect Mp3Tag to do magic but here is what was thinking.

If I manually download the album art for each album into its respective folder and name it say 0.jpg , can I make Mp3Tag to Pick up those Images automatically and Insert them as Album Art for each of my Albums ?

If not this whats the smarter and plausible way ?


There is an action for this:
Create an action of the type "Import Album cover" and set the filename.
THe filename can be a fixed on (like 0.jpg, folder.jpg) may constist of variables (like %album%.jpg if there is a corresping name) or show wildcards like (*.jpg - then the first jpg in the folder is taken).

BTW: I do not see much of a reduction in effort. If you download the files, rename them, you could do this just as quick with the "extedended tags" dialogue open and import the covers straight away.
Even more efficient would be to use one of the tag sources like or to get the covers.