auto numbering filename when already exist

hi i have a albums with this filenames
Mastouro Mast
Khomosh Bash
Bi Neshan
Harameh Yar
Khomosh Bash

you see song number 2 homonymous with song number 5

i want this filenames changes automatically to:
Mastouro Mast
Khomosh Bash
Bi Neshan
Harameh Yar
Khomosh Bash2

please get me action
thank you

Isn't this the same problem that you already posted in /t/18814/1
Answer stays the same.

no dear friend that post is about track number but this post is about autonumbering filename :wink:

please contact to admin to add this items to next update mp3tag
1- compare file music together for find duplicates filename but different bitrate or artist or others
2- autonumbering the filenames with already exist if they are in one album
3- find duplicate track number in a special album

it's very very important :rolleyes:

Please use the search to find discussions and feature requests on the topic of duplicates, e.g. dating back to 2007:

The basic question is still unanswered: what defines a duplicate?
The filename? Rename it, easily.
The title? Is it really a duplicate or just badly tagged and you see the radio edit instead of the video version?

In any case: you actually have to listen to the files and see what you have. Any kind of automatism only fogs your view on the quality of your collection as it irons out the rough spots instead of pointing to them.

i have 400,000 mp3s!!!
how can i find duplicate mp3s?!!!
i can't manual sort 400,000 and find dup with eyes!
i can't listen 400,000 mp3s!
please be modeled from audio dedupe application

If you already have an application that finds duplicates: use that.
Also, there is the program "Similarity" which might help a little.

You still have not answered the question what makes up a duplicate and how to judge automatically whether it is a real one or just a badly tagged one.

Because if you use an automatism, then afterwards the alleged duplicates cannot be detected any more as all the files are unique in respect to the applied criteria.
I would be thankful if I had means to see that apparently a program like MP3tag refuses to continue to work as right then I have an indication that something needs attention.
I only have to deal with this special case and not the 399,999 other ones.
And honestly: what is the point of having a collection of 400,000 tracks if you don't want to listen to them?

Using Mp3tag list view, in general you may visually detect identical field content by sorting the specific column, so identical values are arranged together.

If you want to add a running number to a field content, then select the related files, ...
and apply an user defined action, which automates the adding of a running number, ...
otherwise do the changes manually.

If you are fit enough in building up and programming a Mp3tag export script, then you may automate the process of numbering, e.g. by creating a CSV text file, which contains the wanted changed values. Afterwards the values from the textfile can be imported into the tags within the related files.


Additional information:
The placeholder %_counter% delivers a running number, starting at number 1.


I just want to clarify you're referencing to instructing Mp3Tag to add a (1) or (2) etc to the end of a filename if a similar filename already exists?
I'm running into the error "Cannot create a file when that file already exists." due to my simple naming script.
If this is what you're referencing, mind putting me in the right direction as to improving my format string to make this happen?

ex: abc - 123.mp3
abc - 123 (1).mp3

DetlevD mentioned 2 ways:
First way: sort files and then apply a special naming scheme only to these.

The second: create an export that does it for you.

Still, I would like to point out again: If the file system refuses to rename a file because there is already an existing one, then I would take that as indication that something needs attention.
And instead of parsing through the whole collection again, you can now easily filter for the files that do not match the new pattern.

On the other hand: if you do not mind to get such indices at the end of a filename, use something like this:
%artist% - %title% (%_counter%)
and you get a number at the end of each filename. This should be unique enough.

To make it clear, in principle in one disk folder there cannot exist two files with the same filename.
Identical filenames are not allowed by the file system in one folder, but similar names can exist nevertheless; identical filenames are allowed to be stored in different folders.

Mp3tag per se cannot detect similarity.
There might be something possible when using a regular expression, which is designed to look for some similarity.

Using Mp3tag list view, in general you may visually detect identical field content by sorting the specific column, so identical values are arranged together.
Also similar content can be visually detected by sorting.