Auto-numbering tracks

How do I auto-number the selected tracks in the order of display? I.e. I want the first track's TRACK field set to 1, the second's to 2, etc.

Last time I tried, using %_counter%, I got unreliable results.


Use the auto numbering-wizard, Tools>auto numbering-wizard. From memory it just sets the track number in the file tag but you can easily and automatically copy the tag to the file name.

That works great for manual operations - thanks. If anyone knows a solution that works in an Action Group, I'd love to know.

Can you please elaborate on this?


Sorry, I misrecalled - my unrelaible %_counter% results were in tracklist display column, not Action. On a test on V2.39n here, %_counter% works fine in Action.

Well I've been converting audio books on CDS to MP3 books. I can get a large number of MP3 files by doing a rip to MP3 using a ripping program. Or I can join the files per CD using a joining program in a second step and get not too many files. I would pervert to use a large number of sequential files and then mp3tag editor to sequentially number that tracks in the track field. I have done this manually by writing in track numbers sequentially by hand. But how can I deal with a large number of files by editing the now blank track field in the mp3tag editor with automatic sequential numbers for a large number of fields which are in sequence but not with sequential track numbers? The number of files I will deal with if I don't first join them would make it too tedious to do this by hand.