Auto-numbering wizard feature request: (Disc #) of (Total number of discs) instead of (Disc #) /(Total number of discs). Also good for track numbering

I love the auto-numbering wizard! It is an awesome tool. However, it always uses forward slashes to indicate the numerator and denominator. iTunes seems to want this to be presented with an " of " like disc 2 of 10 and Track 1 of 12. Sometimes it transforms the forward slash to of, sometimes it does not. It varies indiscriminately even in albums I have just tagged in one action directly onto the files (instead of tagging and then converting). I know I could use a replace function to do this, but it would be great to have an option on how you would like it presented, just as there is an option for leading zeros and also including total number of tracks.

That is how iTunes separates the values.
According to the standard, the format of TRACK is x/y, so no need to replace anything unless it should become non-standard.
If iTunes handles it erratically, I would see how to get iTunes to do it properly.

Thank you, once again :+1:

Note that the way iTunes displays the “x of y” is only in the iTunes display windows. The actual disc tag is still set up as either “x/y” (for mp3) or disc x and total discs y (separate tags for m4a). This follows the standards.