Auto Numbering Wizard oddities

The track counter sometimes resets within the directory, leading to wrong numbering.
I ran the wizard on a large number of folders at once [settings: start with 1, all boxes checked] and I noticed the reset can be caused by a directory containing mp3s, either having different bitrates or having different tag types. Screenshot depicts the second case, it should be tracks 01-04 of 04 not two times tracks 01 and 02.

Unfortunately the exact outcome also seems to depend on how many files where selected and sometimes I can reproduce it and sometimes it works fine on a second run. Does anyone know more about this?

Here's another screenshot of the same problem (It should be tracks 01-28 of 28). Maybe "reseting the counter" is not the right expression for what happens.

The Lyrics tag is not supported by MP3tag and should be removed. (And it should not contain any valid data AFAIK).

OK, I noticed I can get rid of the Lyrics tag (while keeping the ID3v2.3 info) by first adding an APE tag and then removing it. The Lyrics tag disappears together with it.

You can also get rid of the Lyrics tag by deleting the ID3v1 tag.

Then you can recreate the ID3v1 tag by saving the file with the ID3v1 box checked under Write in the Mpeg options.