Auto-numbering wizard - Option for not adding discnumber if 1 disc only


A function I'd find very useful is the option to not add discnumber if only 1 disc is present. Right now, if there's only 1 disc (and I keep discnumber active) it adds 1 (or 01 or 01/01, depending on options).

If I had an option like "Don't add discnumber if only 1 disc", I could keep the discnumber always active instead of turning it on and off when I batch tag my albums.

Thank you!

Right now, you could still use the numbering assistant,
then filter for
discnumber IS 1/1
and delete the field DISCNUMBER.

A word of caution: once you add a field with data, but then remove it again, you can never be sure whether you already treated that file or not. The same would apply if you don't write 1/1.

Hi and first of all thank you for the answer.

Yes, I know I can do that but it would be easier to have an option. :slight_smile:

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Also, I'd really like to have a "Reset counter" as for track number.