Auto-numbering wizard writes blank instead of zero

Mp3tag v2.88a (but has been an issue for as long as I can remember).
OS: Windows 7 64-bit.

Experienced Behavior:

Sometimes I tell the auto-numbering wizard to begin at tracknumber 0, but the wizard always writes a blank entry instead of "0" (while the rest of the files receive their correct integer entries). I then have to go back to that first file and manually set "0" into the track field.

Expected Behavior:

The auto-numbering wizard should write "0" in the track field of the first file when told to begin at tracknumber 0.

More Details

  • Options "Save total...", "Leading zeros..." and "Reset counter..." are all unchecked.
  • Files being written to are FLAC and MP3.

the lowest value for a track number is 1.

There's no reason why I can't use zero-based counting to number tracks, especially when the track numbers don't correspond to any actual "track" and are used merely to keep the files playing in the correct sequence. With audiobooks, I'll sometimes split the introduction off of the file that's numbered as 1. I then name the introduction file with 0 so that the files still sort naturally, and then I'll set the internal track number to 0 so that it matches the filename.

I agree, especially when the wizard lets you enter "0" as track number. I'll look into it.

I still disagree that zero is a sensible number for a track.
I would agree that this is a bug in respect to the possibility to enter 0 as starting number.
I do not see that one can play the "zerost" track - it would always be the first track, even if you would say "please play the track with number zero" it would be the first to be heard - language does not offer any other way of numbering real things.
As the need for the number zero comes from tempering with the original and the rest of the tracks keeps the original number, I do not see any need to renumber at all.
The number zero can still be entered manually.

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This should now be working with Mp3tag v2.89b.

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