Auto-numbering wizard...

I hope this function can also automatically add the total number of audio tracks (TRACKTOTAL)...

I hope that you tried the function.

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Yes, I used this function. It can automatically input the track number (#TRACK) and the disc number (#DISCNUMBER), but not the total track (#TRACKTOTAL).

Maybe check again, there is a checkbox to include the total tracks and total discs as an option.

What kind of files do you number?

Yes, I know that option, but I don’t want to ask about that function,

what I want is a separate total audio track.

You want to copy the right part of TRACK into a separate TRACKTOTAL?
In your example, you want the number 11 from 1/11 to be copied into TRACKTOTAL?

YES!!! I want this option!!!

There is no offical ID3v2.3 tag-field called TRACKSTOTAL. So if you have such a field it is self-defined and not standard. Why should MP3Tag support a self-defined field in his tracknumbering wizard?
The official way to store this information is like the tracknumbering wizard does.
Here's the definition in


The 'Track number/Position in set' frame is a numeric string containing the order number of the audio-file on its original recording. This may be extended with a "/" character and a numeric string containing the total numer of tracks/elements on the original recording. E.g. "4/9".

If you want a separate field like this as redundant information (I myself do this and called this selfdefined field TOTALTRACKS), you have to fill it yourself. This can be done in MP3Tag in several ways. I do it normaly with my own tracknumbering-action-group.

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Okay, thank you for your reply, I will enter it myself. :slight_smile:

You could use an action of the type "Format value" for TRACKTOTAL
Format string: $regexp(%track%,(\d+)\/(\d+),$2)

Thanks, i will try to use. :smiley:

Note that most media players will ignore this value for mp3 files, as they are expecting it from the track field in the format of x/y. So putting it there manually would only affect viewing for your own purposes.

On the other hand the TotalTracks field is used by formats like m4a and ALAC. So when using the auto numbering tool, this field will be filled accordingly.

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I've just checked, I think it won't for FLAC :grimacing:

Yes, sorry. I’ve corrected this to m4a, which is what I meant to write.

I have many mp3 files containing this value (including old files), so I thought it was an official value. Sorry, I think it's my fault.