Auto Populate Composer and Year Fields from text/excel file

Some of my Albums have Years and Composer populated while some of them dont.
I have a text file which is tab separated which has the Album Names with year and Composer.
How do i Populate these into the files?

Note that I have a list of only few albums. Which means the number of Albums in my list is less than the number of Albums in my Music Library.


For imports from external sources the number of records in the external source has to match the number of selected files in mp3tag.
Mp3tag works based on single tracks. THat means that mp3tag does not recognize albums.
AFAIK it is not possible to create an import "if the album matches xy then insert composer".

So what you would have to do, is to create an import file that has an entry for each file that shall be updated.
Then, in mp3tag, reduce the number of displayed files by filtering e.g.
%composer% IS "" AND %album% HAS xy
Then import.
In this case it would be quicker to type in the composer straightaway.