auto populate year

is there any way to auto populate the year filed?

i have been selecting an album and doing:

Tag Sources > > Next

and then looking at the year and typing it myself

There are also other tag sources like discogs which may supply also the year.
I doubt that it is possible to only update the year tag but leave all other tags alone.

if, for some reason, your file structure may supply the year then import it from there. But probably exactly that information is missing. That is why you are looking for the date.

since i found no other viable soultion i went with my own crappy one, but hey it works... what i chose to do was use lookup and record a macro

Easy Macro Recorder V3.75

the macro craps out if it does not find an album and also does not work for albums like greatest hits... also if you were to use the .mcr file i attached you would need to mock my layout exactly, so it serves as more of a demo purpose.

youtube demo video:

best thing to do is to watch the two cover art pics and make sure they are the same, if not write down the excel row number to delete it afterwards