Auto-populating blank (or incorrect) Metatag fields in new YT import

i just downloaded a batch of some hundreds of MP3 tracks from a YT Playlist

unlike in the past, most or all of them do not have any, or incorrect, info for all the Metatag fields, except Track Title. (but oddly they all appear to have the exact correct Album Cover artwork)

what is the best, easiest, way to auto-populate the Metatag fields, eg Track Artist, etc?

will MP3Tag do it, using an external tool presumably, or does, eg MusicBee have a suitable tool? i assume that MP3 Diags does not do this, but i could be wrong

from memory, previously, i just had to massage and move/copy info to various Metatag fields from existing metatag data taht was already there. in this case, there is basically NO Metatag data, except Title.

I’d start from the source. Where did the tracks in this playlist get pulled from? Can these be updated there first?

If the Title tag or filename do not have at least some of the basic Artist or Album details, there isn’t much to work with. Often song Titles are similar from many Artists, so using only that as the search criteria you’re likely to end up with many incorrect matches.

If somehow the correct album art has been attached, you at least have that to work with, but that will be a long, manual process I’m afraid.

hi there

it is a bit strange, becuase on YT , the tracks in PL have the correct srtist for example, yet when i down load, it has rubbish or nothing fr Artist

(i just tried again in case there was some glitch, but got the same rubbish)

actually i will check with the people at my download tool and see what they say

but are you saying there is no tool that will (try to) complete metatags based on title and/or sound clip?


Based on TITLE: Nearly impossible. Too many possibilites and too high risk to get the wrong Artist, wrong Album, wrong Year, wrong release, wrong release country...

Based on sound clip: There are tools like MusicBrainz Picard that "scans/listen to" your music files and then try to find the "Acoustic Fingerprint" for such a clip. Maybe you are lucky and someone else already uploaded the correct metadata for the calculated fingerprint from your clip. If not: no way....

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I am suspicious of these 3rd party "tools" that are designed to circumvent YouTube's right to otherwise limit download access to these files. This has been discussed at length here already with problems including missing data as you have experienced, corrupt headers, and even the wrong extensions being used for different audio formats. Certainly this is well outside of the scope of mp3tag, and any questions you have should be directed to those "tools" (use of the term has a couple of applicable definitions).

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