Auto populating some basic fileds


As a musician and creator of digital audio files of my original compositions, I am always adding MP3 tags to my music.

The feature I would really like is to somehow have a few fields automatically populate when I load the files.

Example... Artist, Album Artist, Composer, are always the same for me, so if I can make these fields populate automatically, that would be great.

Also, is it possible for frequently used field data to be remembered and appear as an choice in the drop down menus of each field tag? If you consider the dropdown menu for Genre, it is pre-populated with data. It would be great if a History of Album Names could be created and appear as a choice.


If you want to enter some standard information it may be worthwhile to create an action group with several action of the type "Format value", e.g. for the fields Artist, AlbumArtist, Composer.

Whereas GENRE is defined by the ID3 standard, there is no such thing for other fields.
If you want to save yourself from typing in the same album name again and again, load a template file together with the new files, select them all and then select in the dropdown list the data from the template file.

Beside the options in Mp3tag to create user defined actions and set up group of actions, which can create tag-fields along with the wanted proper content, there is also a somewhat different option: copy and paste.

At first create a dummy mp3 file and tag it with all the fields and data, which you want to have as a basic set, and set this master mp3 file attribute as read only for sure.
You can load this master mp3 file even together with other mp3 files, into the Mp3tag list view, then copy the entire tag from this master file to the Mp3tag clipboard, then "stamp" the other files with the content from the clipboard by pasting the clipboard data into the target files.


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