Auto remove the [genre] in the artist tag

Some of my mp3 files look like this:

[GENRE] "Title" - "Artist".mp3

The title tag is correct, but the brackets with the genre are in front of the actual artist in the artist tag:


filename: "[House] David Tort - Acid (Henrix & Digital Lab Remix).mp3"

title-tag: "Acid (Henrix & Digital Lab Remix)"
artist-tag: "[House] David Tort"

I would like to make mp3tag run over my titles and read out the genre, which always stands in the beginning of the artist tag in brackets as shown and pretty much "cut and paste" it into the genere tag. So i have the artist in the artist tag and the genre in the genre Tag. The filename itself can remain with the genre in the beginning, since i use itunes anyway.

How hard is this to do ? I am new to mp3tag and starting with advanced commands like this is too much for me :confused: i have about 500 files of this kind, so a manual edit is not possible ( or is way too much work atleast)

I hope you can assist me with this :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot of the dubstep/drumstep folder:

The filenames do not matter at all.

Load the files.
Select the files.
Apply and action of the type "Import tag field" (Guess value) for %artist%
Format string: [%genre%] %artist%

That should do it.

Thanks alot, this worked :slight_smile: