AUTO-Resize or AUTO-Fit Specific Columns?

I searched the Forums, but could not find this answer,
and also MP3Tag has had significant updates since the old 'answers' too.

I am looking for a way, to resize certain columns only,
to "AUTO-Fit" the content, eg. I only want Artist - Title - Year - Publisher
to have this option turned on.

Is there a method to achieve this?

see e.g. here:

Individual columns can be resized with a double-click on the column divider.

There is no option to resize columns automatically (which, I think, would actually lead to rather awkward results as soon as a filter is applied or removed - it could be that would have to scroll each time to see the same columns again because they could have become much narrower or wider).

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Thanks for the quick reply, ohrenkino.

I don't really need to resize all columns, but only 1-2 columns that are of interest to me.
I find that after renaming ID3 tags, using a script,
the columns all "reset" and hides the full names or titles,
and it's a bit annoying to me, so I have to manually resize each of the columns.

I'm not renaming hundreds of files and so, my use case is a bit different.
Plus, even with filters applied, I thought MP3Tag could still be smart enough to only show "auto-fit" content for 1 or 2 important fields,...but not all the fields.

○ Yes, I know about double-clicking the column divider. :slightly_smiling_face:
I've been doing it this way, for the specific columns that I wanted to see.

○ I actually learnt about this CTRL + [NUMPAD PLUS] earlier today from these Forums.
It was my first time ever and when I saw this 'trick', I was laughing loudly :joy:....because after almost 30-years with computers,...I simply did not even know this.
I really felt "I learnt something NEW today!" :nerd_face:

What kind of script is that which resets the columns?
I have never experienced a column width reset after applying actions or converters.

I do not see this happening in my case, and many columns have been resized to my liking. This should be saved in the mp3tag config file as par as I know.

What kind of script is that which resets the columns?

I use the BeatPort script (by stevehero),
and after renaming the ID3 tags,
the columns reset or I should say, the result is not "auto-fit".

I guess my request, is that I would always like to see,
1 x column to always auto-fit to my content, if I can choose 1 x column.