Auto Scroll?

1.) In the main window, if I scroll to the right to see more of the columns, then I select one or more files, the view will automatically scroll back all the way to the left. I don't know exactly what is triggering this behaviour, as it does not happen 100% of the time.

2.) In the tag editing bar on the left, suppose I have a text field whose contents are longer than can be displayed entirely. If I click anywhere in this text box, the entire field is selected and it shoots me to the end of the text.

Is there any way to control or turn off these behaviours?

Hi 'flavenstein', you have asked these questions already, your posting is a repetition of the posting there ...
"Auto scroll" and text selection

Ad 1.
I've never noticed such a thing,

Ad 2.
Clicking into an edit box is the user's intent to change something there or the first step to get the whole content into the clipboard, therefore the content is already selected.
For me it looks like standard behaviour of edit boxes in a standard windows operating system.
You can find the same behaviour in the properties sheet in the foobar2000 application too.

While developing there might be the possibility for the programmer to set a Bit, which can change the behaviour of an edit box, for example auto selection on or off, for example when the edit box is in edit status, so to place the cursor in front of the selected text.

Because the current behaviour of the edit box seems to be a good practice for nearly all cases, I would not want to change it.

I would like to have the option, in the Tag Panel dialog window, to adjust an edit box in its width to see more of longer text content at a glance.


I agree with DetlevD on the behaviour of input boxes - e.g. check your browser: if you click on the address input box usually all of its contents is selected.

But I have support flavenstein in respect to some kind of unwanted autoscroll.
I've noticed this several times, but not often. It is usually an issue with older, RAM-deprived graphic cards which take a little time to refresh a display.
The same issue occurs if you open a longish list of actions via the "Actions" button in the toolbar - then the refresh of the file list in the background causes a shift of focus which is interpreted by windows that the list item below the cursor is selected which then gets executed by mp3tag.
Fortunately there is the undo button.
The refreshing though, can probably not be avoided.

Similarly, I'd like to be able to have smaller Tag Panel fields that could be placed on the same line. A lot more fields could be placed in the Tag Panel without the need to scroll the panel itself. These short fields would be very useful for things such as DISCNUMBER and COMPILATION, which never contain more than a couple of characters.

And I'd like to be able to change the arrangement of the tag panel fields (including the default fields) when the tag panel is docked above the file list.