auto select-all when starting up

I will always use mp3tag in this way:

  1. right click on album directory and select Mp3Tag
  2. then the first thing I have to do, thousands of times so far is "Edit" menu, "Select All Files" or I do a Ctrl-A

I KNOW, many have their reasons that we should browse for files within Mp3Tag, but this way works for me and MANY OTHERS here.

Could it just be a simple option that is "off" for your defaults, but the rest of us to put a check mark in "Automatically Select all Files at program start"?

I have never had a problem with tags, or issues by starting my mp3 session with a right click on the directory. If this is such a problem with the not recommended way, then why don't you get rid of the right click?

Thanks in advance, don't get me wrong here.........there is NOTHING like Mp3Tage and I will continue to use it.

I agree with your suggestion. In a worst case basis, there should be an icon; or at least, a right click context menu for "Select All".

+1 This would be helpful even as a startup Option that can be toggled.