auto-tagging based on folder structure

Hello to all, first time poster here...

I have my music collection organized in folders on my computer and actually I'm fine with this.
But recently I bought a player that can't play folders content (it stops after playing a single song), so I have to rely on mp3-tagging.

My music collection is organized like this:


What I'm trying to do now is generate album tags automatically from folder names which would look like this.

genre - artist - album, ie resembling the structure on the computer as closely as possible.

Is this possible with mp3tag ?

I've searched older similar threads about this topic but none led to success so far.

Load the files.
Fill the tags first, then use the structured information to compose the fields as you like.
For that select all the files.

Then use the function
Convert>Filename - Tag


Now look if the player can cope with the filled tags.
If not, create an action of the type "format value" for ALBUM
Enter as format string:
%genre% _ %artist% _ %album%

I would recommend to use the underscore as separator as this is hardly ever used as character in normal titles - whereas the hyphen is. So if you find that you want to get rid of the genre and artist data in the album again, it is easier to separate.


thanks for your reply.

However, I think this is not quite what I'm looking for, because this would mean manually filling A LOT of tags first. :frowning:

What I'm looking for is basically a "copy path to album tag" function with formatting option.

Please see attached example from Mp3tag.

As a result I'd like to have "Hip Hop\Freestyle Fam - Lyrical Onslaught (Mixtape)" (taken from the filepath) in the album tag.

Possible ?l

What a shame that you do not get aquaninted with the functions first.
The convert-function with my given mask would releive you from entering anything manually except the mask ... but as you do not want to it ...
Shame - that would have gotten you 2 things at once: filled tags and structured data.
and with this structured data you could do almost anything you like - only easier.

If you use the Convert>Filename - Tag with a maks like
you would get all 3 parts of the path into the album field - as an unstructured string though, with no slashes or backslashes in it.

Sorry, didn't want to come across as unwillingly to try something. :slight_smile:

It was just that my head was quite confused yesterday because I already tried various things before posting and so I got your previous post wrong and took it as I'd have to fill in the tags manually.
It's clear though on re-reading today, my fault...

And you're right, it did indeed bring my in the right direction.
I tried "%album%\%album%\%album%" and it's actually fine as I don't care about formatting too much and now I also understand the tag formatting thing better.

However, just to be honest, meanwhile I found another tagging program where I somehow found this easier to do (easier to wrap my little brain around :smiley:) so everything is fine now.

Thanks a lot for your help.