Auto Tagging with Gracenote or Mufin

Hi Florian,

because of the present Problems I encounter on my Music data base (lots of MP3 with cryptic names and destoyed ID3) because of a Computer problem I found the tools from Mufin Player and the idea of Winamps Gracenote access very interesting. They can recognize the MP3 or M4A file by a 10 to 30 second sample, taken from the file and compared on the server. (O2 is providing such a service by mobile) The Mufin version worked quite well for me, the Winamp not, but I read about other satisfied user. So how about such a nice feature for the MP3TagEditor ? (Yeah Yeah Yeah) Could be something like this:

  1. recognize the unknown MP3/M4A file by the sound sample
  2. suggest according to the result the proper ID3 TAG
  3. in case, the user know that several of his files belong to one album, suggest without further confirmations the Tags of the whole album (Mufin does such a similar thing)

How about ?
Anyway, good Software.