Auto TVSEASON and TVEPISODE from s??e?? filename?


Was wondering if it's possible to automate MP3TAG to grab the season number and episode number from the file name and have it auto fill the tags?

Also, if anyone has found a way of tagging mp4 files so that IOS7 recognizes the show name and show season, please let me know as I am having serious issues getting it to recognize the show season. And also, I don't use iTunes since I think it's crap.

MP3tag will not do such things automatically but only on command.
You can use the function Convert>Filename-Tag.
If you supply a typical filename we can give you a hint on how to use the function - or you have a look at the online help.

I was hoping the auto actions could do it. The format would be something along the lines of Show.Name.S09E08.HDTV.x264-2HD

You may import data from a field into other fields with an action of the type "Guess values".
Use %_filename% as source
Use this as import pattern:

This should import "09" into TVSEASON and "08" into TVEPISODE.

Thanks. I'll give it a go. I have tested it on 19 files and only 1 got tagged correctly. I guess I'll have to fiddle around and tweak it a bit but should be ok using your info as a starting point.

Many thanks and happy new year!