AutoFill Album Artist with Artist


When the Album Artist field is blank there is a good chance that one of the Artist values matches what the Album Artist should be.

When you click on Album Artist there are the options "Blank" & "Keep". Can the different Artist values from the selected files be added to this list to easily fill in this field.

eg. Artist values are:
Beastie Boys (15 tracks)
Beastie Boys & Santigold
Beastie Boys featuring Nas

These 3 options could be added to the dropdown list to choose from. In this case you would choose Beastie Boys.


Why dropdwon list?
You can easily copy the contents from artist to albumartist.
And as you write yourself: as the values are not unambiguous, you have the choice to enter the correct value.
The idea to offer values from more or less any field in the dropdown list is IMHO no good strategy.
Thinking along these lines: the composer and the involved people also very often (but not always) have something to do with the artist. Or the title with the album...

Because it's already there.

The dropdown list is much easier.

Not any field. ONLY the Artist field.

I think you've strayed from what I was suggesting.

MediaMonkey has similar functionality. In the Properties pane you just click in the Album Artist field and it auto-fills the Artist value.

In the meantime, you can create yourself an action that copies the values from ARTIST into the ALBUMARTIST field.
A similar function is available in Convert>Tag-Tag.

These 2 functions do more or less that: they fill the ALBUMARTIST field.
MP3tag does not do anything automatically. You have to trigger it.
As soon as you have filled the ALBUMARTIST field, you can select the values from the dropdown list and modify them according to your needs.

I would not waste time suggesting something that would only benefit me. I am not unlike the majority of users and my suggestion would make mp3tag more efficient. Are you concerned that this suggestion would not benefit you?

So you are agreeing it would show benefit for non-compilations? (You do realise the vast majority of albums are not compilations?)

My suggestion is to cater for the majority's needs.

I've taken the effort to suggest to the developers that they adapt mp3tag for the needs of most users.

For now, you may understand Mp3tag as a "workbench" but not as an "app".

But I can follow your proposal to add some intelligence into the "Tag Panel".
Because the picklist in the Tag Panel edit field for ARTIST has already a complete list of all available artist names from within the current selection of files, ...
so Mp3tag can immediately apply this ARTIST picklist within the Tag Panel edit field ALBUMARTIST, ...
in case of the edit feld ALBUMARTIST does exist in the Tag Panel and has an empty picklist, ...
because of failing values within the current selection of files.


:flushed: ?
OK, you've totally lost me. Maybe you misread what I posted?

Anyway, the undertone of the comments, from both of you, is surprisingly belligerent. Hopefully Florian won't get distracted by all this negative energy like I did & will see merit in the original Feature Request.

Like user 'ohrenkino' already said and proposed, you may help yourself with a self made workaround.
This can be instantly more effective than long time waiting for a built in new feature.
It is rather easy to prepare an action and apply it, which can fill the tag-field ALBUMARTIST with an existing value from the tagfield ARTIST from the current selected media files.

Action: Format value
... or ...
Formatstring: $if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%)

Once the action has been run against the selected files, ...
then the ALBUMARTIST edit field within the Tag Panel ...
can offer a picklist with possible useful values of ARTIST.


How do you know? Has there been a poll I missed?
I am willing to see the benefits if there are any.
I see the idea as: if there is already (semantically) similar data somewhere in a field, please spare me the effort of having to retype it but offer it in a dropdown list.
Is that about the gist of it?

If so, then please expand that idea not only to your immediate needs but also to the other fields that I already mentioned:
For EPs the TITLE is very often the ALBUM - the title would then be a fairly good suggestion for the album and get into the album dropdown list.
For many tracks, the ARTIST is also the COMPOSER - the artist name would then also be a good suggestion for COMPOSER and get into the the composer dropdown list.
Sometimes the first ALBUM of an ARTIST has the artist's name - the artist name would then also be a good suggestion for ALBUM.
So the dropdown lists would become fairly congested I assume, as I see the data from artist, albumartist, title, album, composer all in the same list - just to avoid typing. And MP3tag would not know which data is more important for you.

And this long list is of benefit?

A limitation to just ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST would leave out all those who follow other approaches and see similarities as described in the above list.

The ususal turn in the controverse discussions about featues is: well, then make it an option, so that those who do not want it, don't have to bother.

But this option is already there: use an action that suits your needs. This will copy data from any field into any other, even with some kind of intelligence, if you use filters or $IF().
The only difference between the original suggestion and the already existing functions is that the approach is a little different: you have to do the programming instead of the author.

The outcome is the same in the end: you have copied data from ARTIST into ALBUMARTIST.

I am in no position to grant or refuse any feature requests.
On the other hand I like to offer options that a certain problem can be overcome (in the meantime until the verdict is passed).
This offer remains the same: create yourself an action that copies ARTIST into ALBUMARTIST.