Automate import of online tags for several files at once

Hi folks,

I am using the Genius Lyrics script from @bugzero, see: [WS] Genius (Lyrics)

It seems to be necessary to select the file, select tag source, confirm URL, confirm tag fields to be imported and this one by one for each desired file. I usually confirm everything and do not modify settings there. So I have to repeat these steps many times.

As I have already automated a lot using action groups which are applied to a bunch of files I'd like to add one more action which imports the lyrics operating the above mention steps automatically for all selected files.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Please don't crosspost the same question in multiple sections:

Several "no"s at this point:
No, it is not possible to get data with web source scripts for several files that do not belong to 1 album.
No, it is not possible to get the lyrics for several files unless they feature the same lyrics.
No, it is not possible to call a web source script with an action.

In respect to searching the lyrics: there are several plugins for Foobar2000 that look for lyrics in various sources and in sequence for all the selected files.

What a pity.

Thanks for the hint. I am not [yet] a user of foobar2000.
Had the hope to manage this efficiently with my favorite tool mp3tag.