Automate remove tag and undo


The last thing I do when i'm tagging, is hightlight a bunch of file and hit the "Remove tag" button, which removes the ID3v2. I then hit the "Undo Format" button which writes the ID3v2 tag. Whilst this works for me, the problem is now and then the house looses power, just at the wrong moment.
So, is there a way to have some sort of action that will work through a list of files one at a time removing the ID3v2 tags and then putting the ID3v2 back? Then when I lose power again I will only loose one set of tags. This should then reduce all of the files tags to mp3tag's default size. About 2kb I think!, is that correct?

Edited. Removed the mentioning of the APE tag, as this wasn't a long winded way of remove the APE flags as this was only a by-product (bonus) of what I was doing. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Thank you.

A less hazardous way would be to only remove the APE tags:
Navigate to Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
Set "Remove" only for APE tags.
Close the dialogue.
Select the files and select "Remove Tag" from the file list context menu.
Let MP3tag do the job.
Return to the Options dialogue and restore the usual settings.

Edited my original post to make it clearer. Sorry about that.

There is no action to remove tags and undo that.
(Still wonder what it all should be good for.)