automate tags based on filename

I would like to know the method, if its possible, to automate the input of tag entries basing from filename. Sometimes I handle up to 100 files at a time and example of filenames I get are 06 Title - Artist.mp3. Would be great to automate them to get the artist, title, and album (if possible, album art) from simple definitions (example basing on filename, %track% %title% - %artist%).

yes, menu item CONVERT > filename - tag

enter the mask you want (i.e., something like "%track% %title% - %artist%") and mp3tag will create tag info from the filename. (and you can do this for 1000s of files at once, but obviously you want to test your mask on a few first)

oh I already know that, what about for getting missing information online like in my example, it doesn't state the album. Also getting album art. You see, in this situation I'm making a playlist of different songs/albums.

ok. i know you can use "tag sources" to add additional metadata info from online data. not sure if you can do this for 1000s at a time. I know you can do it album by album. There are artwork programs that can automate art. search for "album art downloader"

If you have your files organized in folders to hold the albums you can use the foldername to get the information.
If you have already imported the information from the filename a mask like
for the converter Filename - tag would fill the album tag.