Automate the REPLACE action

Hi everyone,

I need to edit a large number of artist names in the ALBUMARTlST field that are currently in the format FIRSTNAMELAST, i.e. without separator space (e.g. MichaelJackson).
I know I can do the job through the REPLACE action, but I was wondering if there is a way to automate this task, for example by providing MP3Tag with the list (in xls format?) of names to be corrected and new values to be replaced.

Thank you!

If you want to insert a space in

so that it becomes
Michael Jackson

then try an action of the type "Format value" or Convert>Tag-Tag for ALBUMARTIST
Format string: $regexp(%albumartist%,(\l)(\u),$1 $2)

Thank you very much!

Maybe I've oversimplified the task I have to handle.

The names I have to put the space in are all in uppercase format, so I guess the action you suggested might not work.

Just to be precise and always referring the example of Michael Jackson, the name I have to deal with is written MICHAELJACKSON.


That action relied on the pattern of a lower case character followed by an upper case character.

If you have to create a list of found spelling vs. correct spelling anyway, then I would think that filtering and sorting goes just as quickly and you save yourself the bother of thinking of a format with which you can import the list.
So the procedure would be:
Filter for a name
Select all the files
Enter the correct name in the tag panel
Save the modification.

Perhaps an initial filter helps:
NOT %albumartist% HAS " "

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As usual, a good suggestion!

Thank you very much!