Automate track numbering

I asked about this as a side question in another thread: Compilation = 1 based on string content possible? - #3 by npx

To repeat the request: would it be possible to have a setting in Mp3tag which allows for it to "assume" the correct track number out of the number of total tracks in the tag source list?

I.e. Mp3tag loads the tag source list with 7 lines. I move my single song to row 5 because it is track 5 on the album. Mp3tag now automatically sets the TRACK field to "5/7" when I click save. See image.

The reason for this is that I am editing many songs which are not in complete albums and in this case the track number assistant is not very helpful, I'll have to manually add track and total tracks in the fields. I can just as well do that in the tag field directly if I add only one song (where all other songs are missing).

Even in the case of a complete album (with all tracks available) it would save time because the track number assistant wouldn't really be needed if the data is correct.

It may be a bit of a niche case and I am aware it can be prone to errors (in the case of multiple discs etc) and generally complicate things ... but maybe as a setting?

This request/question is maybe not Mac specific, so feel free to move it if this is the wrong section. :slight_smile:

I do not think that this is a Mac specific problem but that of a general approach.
The websources have the purpose to relieve you from the bulk task to enter the data.
Anything more specific is then a question of post processing.
The usual approach is then to create an action or use any other function that will lead to the desired result.
It may be that a function like the one that you described will be implemented in the future - but what will you do until then?
i would think of a workaround or some other way to reach my goal in a quicker way.
Like e.g. a named Convert>Tag-Tag format string where you only append the total number of tracks to reformat the field TRACK ...
You will find a way.

I've been reading a bit but I realise I am not knowledgable enough to figure it out myself. But as you say it is post processing and there is no tag to edit/convert because Mp3tag does not import (or calculate, rather) this information in the first place. So I assume it is not possible. Hence my idea. But thanks for the reply.

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