Automated Actions

Hello, when I select an "Action" I get a popup box asking me to approve the action. Can this not be automated so when the action is selected it just performs it?


You find the actions in the menu actions.
And when you call an action from there, the action is executed immediately.
The same function is available in the toolbar with actions dropdown list.

Perhaps you have to do a little fine tuning in File>Options>Messages to set when you want to get messages.

Thank you for responding. I have already tweaked the messages settings. The second image is the popup box that I see after calling the action. I have to click OK. That's what I'd like to automate.


Yes, this is the situation when you use Actions>Actions... or use Alt-6.
You may have noticed that below the Actions>Actions... function there is the list of the already available actions. If you click on one of these entries, then the actionis executed straight away.

The same functionality is available via the Actions button and the dropdown menu in the toolbar.

I understand now. I can select the action from the actions menu on the toolbar and the action I created there. It bypasses the popup to confirm. Thank you.