Automated cutting into tracks


Any good advices to auto cut a long mp3 into tracks?
Options might be by :

First giving an automated try and generate a list of cutting points by silence, which can be compared to known time values and if Ok, to execute ...

  1. by know track lengths
  2. visually by silence
  3. combined - dragging with mouse, with snap to previous cuttting point, while current track lenght under mouse cursor running on screen.
    (instead of adding known track lenghts to get following cutting point.)

That's all without converting to wave.


Not really "automagically" but without converting to wav: mp3DirectCut
It supports import of cue-sheets (for time-cutting) and visually by silence. Give it a try.

I also recommend mp3DirectCut, the only problem is that is messes with the ID3 tags.

I have worked with it 2-3 years ago, but it's usage wasn't very intuitive and so I thought there might be something better today.

ehehe, it seems to be a newer version available now. I installed it.

  1. Strange is that I don't see the zero level line, but only peaks??? Like the waveform is cut horizontally. Zoom in and Zoom out doesn't change it. So there isn't an easy way to see what these cutting poin really are. Oki I found now that I can navigate up and down with +/- buttons and I canm see lower level now. But detected cut points aren't mostly in the middle of tracks and not where the silence is. True, I used default settings for autodetection.

  2. I run auto pause detection and got the cutting marks but I can't figure out how to see the track lenghts, I guess I have missed something? Or is the only way to calculate each track lenght "manually"?

3, After pause detection on the edit line are splits which mean tracks I guess, with mouse click it selects one split and sometimes 2 splits. It's confusing. Is it normal?