Automatic Album Tagging?

I've got over 500 songs, different artists and albums. Is there some way for MP3Tag to look in Amazon and automatically retrieve the album art of each song and tag it on the appropriate album?

Not in one go but album by album.
Select all the files that belong to one album, use the Function Tag Sources > Album Art > Amazon.
Repeat for the next album.

Oh OK... Thanks! That should be one suggestion. It'll greatly decrease the amount of work and make MP3Tag more popular.

This has been suggested several times ... you see the result.

Load your files in puddletag, select all files, select masstagger, choose the tag source you want to use and hit start. When it's done you'll be presented with the proposed changes to your tags, which you can then fine tune if necessary incl. rejecting a change down to a specific tag in a specific file.


good point, but you are assuming that the OP is using GNU/Linux and maybe he is using Windows.

That point isn't lost on me, liveboot ubuntu, install puddletag, masstag, reboot into windows...