Automatic Covert based on Artist

First of all... That is one awesome forum ! That's how it should be done !

Now to the question...

I have a huge collection, and I would like MP3Tag to include a COVER art for each song based only on the artist. So if it's the same artist, then it should be the same cover art.

Is it possible to automate this ?


This depends a lot on where you have the artists' pictures.
If they still have to be retrieved from the internet, then I would recommend the albumartdownloader (google it).
If you have a dedicated folder and the name of the picture file is the same as the name of the entry in a tag field, then you could use an action of the type
"Import cover from file" with e.g. the
Format string: d:\picturefolder\%artist%.jpg

I have no art in the folder. So I think I will go with albumartdownloader.


Edit : I have all my files sorted into singles inside a big GENRE folder. So this wont work. I need the program to write directly into the mp3 file.

Maybe there is a mp3tag action i can do ?

AFAIK albumartdownloader has a lot of options, even some that write covers directly to a file (I could be wrong, though) or at least to the filesystem with a filename created from file properties.
There is no MP3tag script that would get the artist picture.