Automatic detection if COVER is in audio file?

Hallo to you all...

Is there an method to see IF an cover is in the audio file...

Now i have to open mp3tag and see, YES there is (or not :frowning: ) a cover file.
Than i make %covers% "1" and save the tag.

Is this possible with mp3tag to do this automatic like so:

If cover exist, %covers% = "1", or something like it.

Many thanks..


You can filter for files that have no cover with
%_covers% MISSING
You would have to search for suitable covers manually, though (or with web sources) or with an albumartdownloader (external application).

Many Thanks for the speedy reply...

I'll check this out for now.

Btw... I'll found an program "Tagscanner v6.xx" which will also show this.
Maybe usefull for other members too..

bye bye..