Automatic language selection in installer

While that automatic language selection in the installer is a smart feature, it's kind of annoying for users like me, who prefer to use programs in English even though we're not native speakers. So the ideal solution would be to have the language selection screen in the installer but with the system language pre-selected, so you get the best of both worlds.

Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but it has introduced this annoying behaviour, which has unfortunately been deemed not a bug, and is impossible to fix for an average user without asking for help in the forum.

So, could you please either add language selection to the installer or fix this "no bug" bug.

Please consider the following:

either you have a fresh installation for which you can easily change the language from within MP3tag.

Or you have an update installation and for that the column and tag panel definitions would not be touched anyway. So you would not loose anything.

I agree – this would be ideal! I've spent almost one day trying to figure out this solution in combination with the newly added admin elevation – unfortunately without success.

The issue is, that admin elevation now results in two distinct processes where the language selection screen was displayed for the initial and the elevated process. This was really annoying and I decided to automatically detect the installer and Mp3tag language based on the system language.

I'll keep a note on my internal wish list in case I want to try to tackle this again with more of a beginners mind.

Kind regards
– Florian

What operating system are you using?

I had no problem on Windows 7 x64 in setting English as my primary language but with non-english keyboard. And as such, I only sometimes has to switch from my native to English during installation or after it [because software most likely looks at the selected keyboard of the OS and assumes that this is the preferred language, to my dislike]; but it is not the case of Mp3tag, which displays its installation process in English to me