automatic renaming & renumbering

Please, somebody help me; this is driving me loopy!

For the most part I am content with Windows Media Player and MP3Tag, yet…

How do I stop whatever is responsible from renaming & renumbering my meta tags?

While changing the title of a track MP3Tag prompted me with a dialogue box asking something or other. I wasn't paying attention due to distractions multitasking so I clicked on 'o.k.'. Now whenever I rename a song in Windows Media Player (WMP10) MP3Tag imports it and switches the numbering from ##/## (ex. 05/17) to just # (ex. 5). I wish to preserve filenames that are long for my MP3s in their folders so, at a glance, I can see all the information (name of artist or artists, title of album, year of release, number of track, title of track), but want them short in my media player so that I can use automatic sorting to put them in alphabetical order.

It would be such a hassle to have to download then learn a new media player and meta tagger.

My sincere gratitude to whomever can provide the solution.